David (Dave) Leo Pighin , P.Geo

Mr. Pighin has been actively involved in exploration and mine geology for junior exploration companies and multinational corporations for the past 47 years. He is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC. Dave has designed and managed programs ranging from grass roots exploration to advanced drilling for gold, silver, diamonds, rare earths, gypsum, and base metals, mainly in the Province of BC, and also in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Western U.S.A., and Mexico. He was employed by Cominco Ltd. for 24 years. During this time he was involved with mapping local and regional geology at the Sullivan Mine and was also involved with the development and use of the Aldridge Marker Bed Horizons as a proven exploration tool. Dave discovered the Fors lead-zinc-silver Sedex massive sulphide occurrence in 1966 and the Vine lead-zinc-silver-gold vein deposit in 1976. Since 1998, Mr. Pighin has been a self-employed Consulting Geologist with HighGrade Geological Consulting, located in Cranbrook, BC, Canada.

Michael Seabrook, P.Geo

Michael works as a consulting geologist and has been actively involved in exploration and mine geology for junior exploration companies for the past 7 years. He has been mentoring with Dr. Trygve Hoy, PhD, PEng, since 2007. Mr. Seabrook has developed and managed programs ranging from grass roots exploration to drilling for gold, silver and base metals; mainly in the provinces of B.C. and Ontario. He is an accomplished field geologist with strong skills in detailed mapping, structural analysis, data processing and use of GIS software in preparation of geological compilations and models.

Douglas (Doug) Anderson, P. Eng.

Doug graduated with a BASc in Geological Engineering from University of British Columbia in 1969. He has been a Practicing Professional Engineer since 1969. Doug was employed for 27 years by Cominco Ltd. in various capacities in BC including:
● Exploration for porphyry copper and molybdenum
● Underground geologist in pre-development work for Valley Copper
● Underground geologist and near mine exploration activities at the Sullivan Mine (sedex lead-zinc-silver deposit).
● Mine Geologist at the HB Mine (Mississippi Valley Type (MVT) lead-zinc deposit) in the West Kootenays BC.
● Geologist at Pine Point Mines, NWT (MVT lead-zinc deposit).
Exploration Manager for Cominco Ltd. based in Cranbrook BC – exploring for lead, zinc, silver, copper and gold.
Doug is currently a consulting geologist operating in the East Kootenay region of British Columbia. He works with a variety of companies exploring for Sedex lead-zinc; structurally-hosted gold; and stratabound copper-silver deposits.

Peter Klewchuk, P.Geo

Peter graduated with a B.Sc. from UBC in 1969, and a M.Sc. from University of Calgary in 1972, both in geology. He is a member of the association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC. Peter worked with Cominco Ltd. (now Teck Corp) in Kimberley, B.C. from 1974 to 1985; initially at the Sullivan as a mine geologist. Peter has extensive experience in regional exploration for Sedex lead-zinc-silver deposits throughout the Belt-Purcell basin in Southeastern British Columbia and the adjacent USA. He also worked with Cominco at Pine Point and in Greenland at Greenex (lead-zinc Mississippi Valley type deposit). In the mid 1990’s Peter managed Consolidated Ramrod Gold’s iron formation-hosted gold deposit at Damoti Lake in the NWT. Time was also spent in the NWT near Yellowknife on gold exploration projects. Since 1985, Peter has been an exploration consultant to several exploration companies with a focus on exploration in south eastern BC looking for gold deposits, copper deposits (Spar Lake type sedimentary copper) and Sullivan style lead-zinc-silver deposits.