Global Mineral Systems and the Sullivan Mining District – Vulcan Gold Belt

PJX Resources’ Mission – Deposit Discovery

PJX Resources is a mineral exploration company focused on building shareholder value and community opportunity through the exploration and discovery of mineral resources with a focus on gold, silver, and base metals (zinc, lead, copper, and nickel).

PJX Resources’ Road Map to Discoveries

1 – Identify a large Mineral System with potential to discover multiple deposits
  • PJX has identified the Vulcan Gold Belt hidden within the Sullivan Mining District with existing infrastructure. (See Vulcan Gold Belt Regional Geology)

Vulcan Gold Belt Regional Geology

2 – Build Land Position and Identify Targets
  • PJX has consolidated 100% of the mineral rights to over 60,000 hectares (600 km²).
  • PJX has compiled over $20 million in historical data and infilled date gaps to identify target areas. (See PJX Property and Target Areas Map)

PJX Property and Target Areas Map

3 – Discover Deposits
  • PJX has and continues to systematically explore target areas with new mapping, prospecting, geochem sampling, geophysics, trenching and drilling to advance targets toward deposit discovery.
  • The more target areas being advanced the greater the chance of discovering deposits. (See PJX Pyramid to Discovery)

Pyramid to Development

4 – Potential Deposit Types to Discover
  • PJX has identified a wide range of possible gold and base metal deposit types that may be discovered in the Vulcan Gold Belt of the Sullivan Mining District. (See Potential Deposit Types )

Potential Deposit Types

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